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Are you passionate about draughting, engineering and design? Make a career out of your passion by studying at The Draughting Academy, South Africa's leading college in draughting and design studies.

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Civil Engineering N1-N6

The National N1 - N3 Certificate in Building and Civil Engineering will school you in the various fields of construction like Bricklaying, Plastering and Plumbing and once these certificates have been achieved you will be able to continue your studies with the N4 - N6 Certificates which will lead to the full National N-Diploma. To enable you to enter the Building and Construction industry in the capacity of supervisor or foreman you will also have to submit proof of 24 months experience in the industry. Thereafter you can qualify for the full National Diploma. 

National Diploma: Civil/Building Engineering N1-N6

The NATED N1-N6 Civil/Building Engineering qualification covers levels N1-N6 and is designed to provide the theory of Civil/Building Engineering and an optional prac...

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National Certificate: Plumbing N1-N3

The NATED N1-N3 Plumbing qualification is a qualification from Levels N1-N3 focussing on the theory of plumbing. This qualification meets the academic requirements f...

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National Certificate: Bricklayer & Plastering N1-N3

The NATED N1-N3 Bricklayer & Plastering qualification is a qualification from Levels N1-N3 focussing on the theory of bricklayering and plastering. This qualific...

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