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Student Recruitment



We keep all our student information in a ready to distribute CV for employers looking to hire draughtsman. Our graduates are not only trained in draughting but also on 9 Autodesk products. This means that they are immediately productive in the working environment after they completed our course and no additional software training is required, saving the employer valuable futher investment.


Interested in our students? Follow the steps below...

1.  After the student successfully completed the course our student advisor will assist them in compiling their CV and profile.
2.  An interview will be held with the student to establish the requirements of the job they seek.
3.  The Curriculum Vitaes will then be placed in our database and when a company approaches us, we provide them with Curriculum Vitaes of students that comply with the requirements.
4.  The company then contacts the student directly in order to discuss position and set up an interview.
5.  We do not charge any recruitment fee; this is a free service we offer.


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