Introduction to Plant Design


The Introduction to Plant Design is a combination of AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoCAD ® P&ID, this course we will teach you how to use this new software solution in your daily work making plant designs, upgrades or expansions at your site. During the course all necessary modules will be taken care of and each trainee will make several exercises behind a training system to test the skills needed to work with the software.

This course also includes how to create P&IDs by placing equipment, connecting equipment with pipelines, and adding valves, reducers and pipe fittings. After creating the P&ID, the generation of reports and extracting data are covered. Also a part of this guide is a topic about validating your P&ID.



R5,999.00 excl vat (Per Person, Includes Certified Training Manual, Dataset CD, AutoCAD Plant 3d/AutoCAD P&ID Trial)


5 Days

Learning Methods & Delivery:

Our Learning Methods

Study methods generally vary from person to person. We have created a learning experience that appeals to the different study habits of our students and those currently in a full time job.

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Reach your full potential through our instructor led classes combined with interactive lessons, practical assignments and in field experience. Our full time offering consist of a full working day, 8 hours per day divided into multiple periods.


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We have re-defined correspondence studies. Our Assisted Distance Learning ensures that the student never gets left alone to do only self-study by combining online Virtual Classrooms and at home exercises and assignments, all managed by our myAcademy Student Portal. 


Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D
The 'User Interface'

  • Creating a project
  • The Structural Modeler
  • The Equipment Builder
  • Creating an General Arrangement
  • Basic Introduction to the Spec Generator
  • Routing 3D Pipes
  • Modifying and changing 3D models (Structures, Equipment)


Launching AutoCAD P&ID


  • The AutoCAD P&ID User Interface (UI)
  • Your Work Screen
  • Workspaces
  • AutoCAD P&ID Tool Palettes
  • Tool Palette Options
  • Creating a Tool Palette

AutoCAD P&ID Projects


  • The Project Manager
  • Open a Project
  • Starting a New Project
  • Structuring Your Project
  • Renaming and Removing Folders
  • Adding Existing Drawings
  • Creating New Drawings
  • Removing Drawings

Creating a P&ID

  • Placing Equipment
  • Adding a Tag
  • Adding a Tag Annotation
  • Existing Numbering
  • Connecting Equipment
  • Setting Line Sizes
  • Pipe Line Grouping / Linking
  • Straight and Non Straight Lines
  • Curved Lines
  • Placing Inline Components – Valves
  • Special Inline Components – Reducers
  • Special Inline Components – Control Valve
  • Instrumentation
  • Manually placing General Instrumentation
  • Connecting Instrumentation
  • Placing Non Engineering Items
  • Flow Arrow
  • Spec Breaker
  • Connectors
  • Copying Symbols

Annotating Your Components


  • General Annotation Types
  • Placing Equipment Annotations
  • Equipment Information Labels
  • Pipeline Tag Label
  • Reducer Labels
  • Valve Labels
  • Annotation Settings

Modifying Your P&ID


  • Schematic Line Editing
  • Substitute Line Type
  • Schematic Line Groups Editing
  • Editing Schematic Lines
  • Changing Equipment and Inline Components
  • Extended Valve Functionality
  • Convert to Control Valve
  • Edit P&ID Objects Block  Managing Your AutoCAD P&ID Project
  • The Project Manager
  • Adding Existing Drawings
  • Project Properties
  • General Settings
  • Custom Properties
  • Rearranging the Physical Location of Your Drawings
  • Resave Project Drawings
  • Sharing P&ID's with Non AutoCAD P&ID Users
  • Sharing P&ID's with AutoCAD P&ID Users
  • Work History

Validating your P&ID's

  • Validate Project
  • Ignore / Erase
  • Re-Validate
  • Refresh
  • Validate Drawing
  • Validation Settings
  • Solving Errors

Managing Your Project Data

  • The Data Manager
  • Project Data
  • Drawing Data
  • Viewing Data
  • Adding and Editing Data
  • Annotating with the Data Manager
  • Export and Import P&ID Data
  • Filter and Sort Data
  • Creating Reports

Plotting and Publishing

  • Publish - General
  • Publish Options

Closing and Saving



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